Vegas Carnage: Mystery Hero Who Shielded Woman Is Identified

October 5, 2017 Updated: October 6, 2017

After the carnage of Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting, a photo taken by a professional photographer surfaced, revealing a man’s heroic act.

The man in the photo is seen lying over a woman on the ground, physically using his body as a shield. The man who remained a mystery until now—protected the woman as bullets rained down on the crowd of 22,000.

According to the Telegraph, the man was identified as Matthew Cobos, a U.S. soldier from California who is living in Hawaii.

Friends of Cobos helped identified him on Facebook as the photo spread across the world. Jason Maddy, who was in the army with Cobos pointed him out in a post.

“Just found out because I’m in Puerto Rico, but this is one of my very own former Soldiers from White Platoon, B TRP 2-14 CAV from Hawaii that is in this picture, Matthew Cobos, who saved people’s lives!!!!” Maddy wrote in a Facebook post on Oct. 2.

“Extremely proud of you brother!! True Hero!!!!!” he added.

People soon questioned whether the two in the photo survived and on Tuesday, Oct. 3, Getty photographer David Becker clarified that the pair had managed to run away just seconds after he took the photo, according to the Telegraph.

The hero soldier also covered the women’s eyes, to block her from witnessing the massacre before he pulled her to safety, the Daily Mail reported.

After Cobos made sure the woman was safe, he then rushed back into the killing field to help more wounded concertgoers. He used his belt to stop people from bleeding to death.

As the carnage continued on, Cobos also plugged bullet holes with his fingers, according to the Daily Mail.

The full photo can be seen below.

A man lays on top of a woman as others flee the Route 91 Harvest country music festival grounds after an active shooter was reported in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017. (David Becker/Getty Images)

Now the soldier is believed to be spending time with family in California.

As more people found out about his heroics, his Facebook account got flooded with well-wishers.

“During such a horrific event, it is and should be heroes like you that stand out. You showed such strength, compassion and courage…god bless you!” one person wrote.

“Thank you for your continuous service to our country,” another wrote. “You are one of America’s best and brightest and America honors you as a true American hero! God bless you and your family!”