Vegan Diet Turns Overweight Drug Addict Into World-Class Athlete

March 28, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Rich Roll, one of the most famous ultra-endurance athletes, says Paleo is fine as diets go but he does not get his protein through animal products—he follows a strict vegan diet. He does not consider animal protein a necessity for top performance. Abstaining from foods that are processed is important, so is avoiding alcohol, legumes, gluten, dairy, starches and sugar, while eating plenty of fresh vegetables.

However, Paleo includes the consumption of animal products for protein. Endurance athletes do not need to gain stamina by eating meat. Protein can be consumed through eating seeds, nuts and plants.Certain supplements also provide the necessary nutrients. Discounts are available using the Vitamix Promotion Code for certain vitamins.

Believe it or not, Roll was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as being fifty pounds over his top performance weight just eight short years ago. Kicking his substance-abuse problems and dropping the fifty pounds he credits to his vegan diet. Roll, 47, is a forty-seven year old attorney in the entertainment who is Stanford-educated. He switched to a vegan diet and kicked the booze and drugs after he started worrying about heart problems in 2006. In 2008, he took part in the Epic5 endurance race.

Today, the father of four has never felt better and does not understand how he could have ever let himself go. The Epic5 takes place on the five different Hawaiian Islands over five days and involves five Ironman competitions back-to-back. Just one of the competitions requires swimming 2.4 miles, running 26.2 miles and then cycling 112 miles. Additionally, he is one of the “twenty-five fittest men in the world” according to Men’s Fitness Magazine, 2009. He is now a public-health advocate and well sought-after public speaker with a best-selling fitness book published in 2012.