Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her

February 11, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

While Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones just how much you care, why not do it in style?

Instead of following tradition, break out of the mold and opt for an unexpected and inspired gift that will leave your loved one feeling special all year long. Here is a roundup of Valentine’s Day gifts that are unique and personalized. Enjoy! Guide


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him


1. Places in America Map

Ideal for any travel enthusiast, the Places in America Map is a great way for you and your loved one to map out your travels across the states. Included with this rustic map is a collection of different colored pins to mark out special locations, or to plan out your next trip.

2. Skyline of Love

What better way to share your love than with a personalized piece of art commemorating your wedding day or a special anniversary occasion? This Skyline of Love wall feature is perfect for doing just that.

3. Craft Beer Set with Monogram

Depending on his drink of choice –customized cups, mugs, or even shot glasses are a sure way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. A custom glass is the gift that keeps on giving, and will be a constant reminder of your love every time he gets a drink.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her


1. Down the Aisle Personalized Art

A personalized way to remember your wedding. Down the Aisle Personalized Art is a stylish way to commemorate your special day.

2. Ticket Stub Diary

For those who love to save tickets to remember special days out, this ticket stub diary is the perfect way to keep, and preserve those special memories.

3. Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

For the wine lover in your life, why not consider a personalized set of wine glasses? With sandblasted initials artfully etched on every glass, they are sure to impress.

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