Trump Moves to Disqualify Clinton-Appointed Judge in Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton, DNC

Trump Moves to Disqualify Clinton-Appointed Judge in Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton, DNC
President Donald Trump boards Air Force One before departing Harlingen, Texas, on Jan. 12, 2021. (Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)
Zachary Stieber
The federal judge assigned to the case brought by former President Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and others allegedly involved with creating the Trump–Russia dossier should be disqualified, Trump said through his lawyers on April 4.

U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks shouldn’t oversee the case because he was appointed in 1997 by then-President Bill Clinton, Trump said in a motion to disqualify the judge.

Bill Clinton has been married to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s rival in the 2016 presidential election, since 1975.

“Due to the fact that the defendant, Hillary Clinton, is being sued by her former opponent for the United States presidency, an election that she lost, regarding serious allegations on her part, as well as her allies, of engaging in fraudulent and unlawful activities against the plaintiff, and because her husband nominated Judge Middlebrooks to the federal bench, there exists a reasonable basis that Judge Middlebrooks’ impartiality will be questioned,” the six-page motion states.

Federal law states that judges shall disqualify themselves in any proceedings in which their impartiality might “reasonably be questioned.”

Middlebrooks’s prejudice because of his connection to the Clintons is “so virulent or pervasive as to constitute bias against a party,” the motion reads, referring to a ruling in a previous case regarding such matters.

“The most important issue is not simply that justice must be done, but also that justice must appear to be done. This could not be more important in a case like the above styled cause, where wrongs in regard to a presidential election are to be redressed,” it adds.

It isn’t clear when the motion will be ruled on.

Middlebrooks’s chambers didn’t answer a phone call or immediately return a voicemail from The Epoch Times seeking comment.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t yet have a lawyer listed on the court docket.

There has already been a recusal in the case. Magistrate Judge Shaniek Maynard recused on March 25, without providing an explanation. The case was reassigned to Magistrate Judge Ryon McCabe.

Magistrate judges, who are appointed by other judges, sometimes help district judges with cases.

Trump sued Hillary Clinton and approximately 30 other individuals and entities in March, alleging the creation of the dossier and its promotion committed crimes including conspiracy, theft of trade secrets, and obstruction of justice.

Christopher Steele, the former UK spy paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee for his work compiling the dossier; lawyer Marc Elias, who funneled the money from the parties to Fusion GPS, which ultimately paid Steele; and former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who doctored an email about former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, are among the other defendants.
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