Pomona to Launch Guaranteed Income Program for Parents of Kids Under 4

The program, which starts June 17, will pay $500 per month for up to 18 months for 250 applicants to be chosen.
Pomona to Launch Guaranteed Income Program for Parents of Kids Under 4
Applicants for Pomona's guaranteed income program must have children under 4 and meet age and income requirements. (Eric Zhang/Epoch Times)
Micaela Ricaforte

The City of Pomona has launched a guaranteed income program that will pay parents and legal guardians of young children $500 per month for up to 18 months.

They can apply for the program online once it opens June 17.

Funding for the program will come from $2.4 million from the American Rescue Plan Act—a federal stimulus bill signed by President Joe Biden in 2021—provided to the city.

“Through the [program], we are taking a significant step towards nurturing our community’s future by supporting Pomona families with children under the age of four,” Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval stated in a news release earlier this month. “Parenthood often comes with unique challenges, and the [program] aims to alleviate some of these burdens by investing in the well-being of our families and the future of Pomona.”

About 250 applicants will be chosen to receive the monthly payments and additional support services.

To be eligible, applicants must reside within Pomona city limits, be at least 18 years old, have a household income at or below 300 percent of federal poverty guidelines or 65 percent of the area median income, which is roughly $67,000 annually, according to U.S. census data, and be the parent or legal guardian of a child under 4 years old.

A control group of 350 additional individuals will receive a $20 monthly stipend and be monitored alongside the awardees. Both groups are eligible for $50 bonus payments for participating in surveys by UCLA.

Required documents to apply include proof of identification and address, a recent pay stub, and a completed W-9 form.