Pelosi 'Not Concerned' About Contents of Laptop Stolen From Office

Pelosi 'Not Concerned' About Contents of Laptop Stolen From Office
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in Washington on Jan. 15, 2021. (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)
Zachary Stieber

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she's not concerned about what was on a laptop computer stolen from her office when protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

"I’m not concerned about that particular laptop," Pelosi told MSNBC in an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

"But that doesn’t matter. It could be any laptop. And anytime a constituent writes to a member of Congress it’s confidential, that is personal with that person conveying their concern, their own situation—whether it relates to Social Security or immigration, whatever it is—it's a secret, it's confidential. So for them to take that is a violation not only of my office but of my connection to my constituents," she added.

A Pelosi spokesman earlier this month said a computer was stolen from the speaker's office. He said it was "only used for presentations."

Pelosi said in the new interview that the computer "happened to be one that we used for Zooms and stuff like that, I think. I don't know what other information could be on there."

Trying to sell the computer to a hostile foreign power could "jeopardize all kinds of information," she said.

The FBI is probing an allegation that a Pennsylvania woman stole Pelosi's computer with plans to sell it to Russia. That woman, Riley June Williams, was arrested on Jan. 18.

Protesters stole numerous items while inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, including a nameplate from the Speaker's Lobby, at least one other computer, and mail. Nearly 100 have been hit with federal charges.

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