Model Amber Rose Endorses Donald Trump for 2024

Actors Kevin Sorbo and Kristy Swanson as well as rappers Benny The Butcher and Waka Flocka Flame also announced support for the former president.
Model Amber Rose Endorses Donald Trump for 2024
Amber Rose attends the National Film and Television Awards Ceremony at Globe Theatre in Los Angeles on Dec. 5, 2018. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)
Naveen Athrappully

Model and actress Amber Rose has endorsed former President Donald Trump for the November election. She’d backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.

On May 20, Ms. Rose shared a picture of herself with President Trump and his wife Melania on Instagram with the caption “Trump 2024.”
The post garnered over 118,000 likes. Ms. Rose, who modeled at New York Fashion Week, has made cameos in music videos for singers like Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, and Young Jeezy. Her endorsement of the former president attracted several negative comments.
“Amber Rose is a walking contradiction. She claims to be a ‘champion of women’s rights’ but just publicly endorsed Donald Trump—a man who takes credit for overturning Roe v. Wade,” TV personality Elgin Charles said in an X post.
However, podcast host and political commentator Joey Mannarino  in an X post called Ms. Rose’s decision to back President Trump a “HUGE endorsement for the Philadelphia area.”

“I’m telling you, you’re going to see people you never expected coming out as MAGA. Amber is a rags to riches tale that everyone in Philly knows. She used to be a stripper, then became Kanye West’s girlfriend & later married Wiz Khalifa.”

According to author and journalist Liz Crokin, Ms. Rose had been a strong backer of Hillary Clinton, supporting the Democrat in the 2016 elections.

Ms. Rose joins a growing list of celebs who have openly backed President Trump.

Actor Kevin Sorbo, who played the title role in the ‘90s TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journey,” posted on X a video of President Trump responding to reporters about his New York trial.

“That’s my President,” Mr. Sorbo wrote.

Robert Davi, the actor who played a Bond villain in the 1989 movie “License to Kill,” suggested that “maybe Trump is Blessed” in a March X post.
Actress Kristy Swanson, who played the lead character in the popular ‘90s TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” supported a third-person comment in January that everything was better under the Trump administration. Back in 2021, she said in an X post, “I Love President Trump!!!”
Rapper Benny The Butcher said in an X post pot last year that he’ll be “votin Trump 2024.” Another rapper Waka Flocka Flame tweeted “TRUMP2024” in October.
Other celebrities have taken part in President Biden’s campaign events. A March fundraiser that collected more than $26 million for the sitting president was hosted by actress and comedian Mindy Kaling. It featured musical performances by Lizzo, Ben Platt, Queen Latifah, and Cynthia Erivo.

Presidential Polls

With only a few months before the November presidential elections, polls are mixed.

A Harvard/Harris poll conducted on May 15-16 found that President Trump had the backing of 49 percent of likely voters, a 6-point lead over President Biden’s 43 percent support.

Even adding Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the mix, President Trump remained at an advantage, although his lead over the Democrat candidate narrowed to 4 points.

A May I&I/TIPP poll showed President Biden getting 42 percent support of voters, 2 percentage points higher than President Trump’s 40 percent backing.

“Biden’s strength is based on solid 86 percent support from his base Democratic Party backers, while Trump sees identical support from among Republicans. But Democrats generally see slightly higher turnout than Republicans, so Biden gets the edge,” the poll stated.

According to a May 14 update from Morning Consult, President Trump and President Biden were neck-to-neck, with the Republican having a razor-thin, 1-point lead over the Democrat. The GOP candidate had a larger 4-point lead against his opponent among Independents.

“The race remains closer than before Super Tuesday when Trump consistently led. Trump performs slightly better with Republicans and his own 2020 backers than Biden does with Democrats and his 2020 supporters.”

Both presidential candidates recently agreed to two debates, the first on June 27 hosted by CNN and the second on Sept. 10 hosted by ABC News.

During a recent meeting with supporters in Atlanta, Georgia, President Biden said the upcoming presidential election has “lots at stake.”

“It’s not about me. It’s about the alternative as well. You know … my opponent is not a good loser,” he said.

President Trump has criticized President Biden for creating the border crisis, pushing for higher taxes, and his foreign policy toward China, Israel, and Iran.

“It’s time for a debate so that he can explain to the American People his highly destructive Open Border Policy, new and ridiculous EV Mandates, the allowance of Crushing Inflation, High Taxes, and his really WEAK Foreign Policy,” President Trump wrote in a May 15 Truth Social post.

Meanwhile, President Trump is engaged in multiple prosecutions and his campaign spent $4 million on legal bills in April. In total, the Trump campaign has spent over $20 million in legal bills so far this year.

All three Trump committees—Donald J. Trump For President 2024 Inc., Save America, and Make America Great Again Inc.—paid the former president’s legal bills last month.