LA City Charges Woman for Impersonating Labor Investigator

LA City Charges Woman for Impersonating Labor Investigator
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, at podium, speaks at a news conference in Los Angeles, on Jan. 4, 2019. (Brian Melley/Associated Press)
City News Service

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced charges on Jan. 6 against a woman who allegedly posed as a labor investigator and issued citations to business owners.

According to the City Attorney’s Office, Nyesha Monique Elam conducted inspections at businesses across the Los Angeles area and demanded payment for labor violations and labor informational posters though she did not work for the state or have the authorization to issue citations or collect civil penalties for labor code violations.

Elam could not immediately be reached for a response.

“Impersonating a state investigator and attempting to collect bogus fines from hardworking and responsible business owners is reprehensible,” Feuer said.

“Every business owner must be able to trust that when someone reaches out to them on behalf of a local, state, or federal office, it is legitimate. It’s tough enough to run a business today. We'll do all we can to prevent anyone who owns a business from being taken advantage of.”

The City Attorney’s office said that Elam has already been arraigned but did not enter a plea. She faces a maximum of one and a half years in jail and $12,500 in fines.

The investigation into Elam began in May 2020 after the Labor Commissioner’s Criminal Investigation Unit received a report from a business owner.

The unit on Thursday warned business owners about misleading notices with demands for payment that come from the following private companies: Labor Law Poster Service, Labor Law Compliance Service, Labor Compliance Services, and California Regulations of Labor Laws. These companies are not affiliated with the state and are not authorized to issue civil penalties or charge fees on behalf of California.

“Official state investigators will never ask to collect for violations on site or take money in lieu of issuing a citation,” said Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia-Brower. “Individuals who pose as a California labor investigator undermine the trust my staff builds with the public that is needed to do our work.”

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