Create Your Own Banana Keyboard (+8 Other Innovative Products)

By Jasmina.Davis
July 1, 2014 Updated: July 1, 2014

Products that make people’s lives easier are always enjoyed. Sometimes we just can’t find those kind of products in stores very often. The following innovative products will really make life easier and more enjoyable

Mouse Scanner

The mouse scanner can do everything a regular mouse can do…. but it can also scan! It can scan photos and text that will appear on your computer screen. This makes easy editing, saving, and printing. There will be no more bulky scanners, because this one is completely transportable!

Price on Brookstone: $99 $20 (When Published)

MaKey MaKey Kit

 Let your imagination go free with this fun innovative kit! MakeyMakey is a kit that can hook up with the computer to make objects function as your keyboard or mouse. Ranging from bananas to your own drawings, you can make them all work as your keyboard. For those online gamers, if you’re tired of those remote controls, who knows, you could use some cookies as your new control!

Price on $49.95

Pingpong door

Epoch Times Photo

Are you ready for the game of your life? Amature or pro, everyone can enjoy a game of ping pong, right on their door… Literally! Just gather some friends and you can never say that you are bored.

Get your Ping Pong Door today.

Duck Beak Muzzle for Dogs

Epoch Times Photo
[Photo Credits: Duck bill designer pet protection]

Is your dog stuck with a muzzle? Well it’s time to change and get a new fashion statement! The Duck Beak Muzzle is a great muzzle and it looks cute too! It doesn’t look like some animal cruelty harness like other muzzles. It’s comfortable, and it comes in yellow, pink, and brown. 

Buy your Duck Beak Muzzle online for $33

Foot Powered Bike


You can now ride your bike in a new fashion with the Foot Powered Bike. It is a creative,  unique, and a very fun way to ride. After using your feet to power the bike, you can suspend them and feel as if you are flying. 

For more pictures, look on their Fliz blogspot

SnūzNLūz-Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

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Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Would it take money to get you out of bed? This alarm clock is very unique, wherein it actually spends your own money if you don’t get up. The thing is, is that it will spend your money to your most HATED charity. So the longer you sleep in, the more money it spends from your wallet. But hey, you might actually get up for a change!

Price per alarm clock: $39.99

Iphone Polaroid

Have an Iphone but you still want a Polaroid? Sometimes the images we take on our phone often get buried or deleted, so what better way can we save those photos? The polaroid extension makes the memories last in the cutest fashion and you won’t ever have to deal with missing photos.

Get your polaroid here for as low as $199

Air-Conditioned Shirt 

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[Photo Credits: Kuchofuku ]

Is summer making your air-conditioning bill too expensive? Try out this cool air-conditioned shirt! This air-conditioned shirt is perfect in the working office, your house, or anywhere where the sun is just making it too hot. You won’t ever have to feel as if you are too hot.

Get the Air-Conditioned Shirt for $231