Understanding how Tarot Readings Work

When many people think about having their fortunes told, they envision a woman dressed in a flowing costume sitting in a darkened room in front of a crystal ball. While this is the stereotype of those who tell fortunes, the simple fact is that women and men from all walks of life have the skills and talents for this art. There are also many other methods of divination besides the stereotypical crystal ball. One popular method is using the Tarot cards, of which there are a variety of different decks.

The cards don’t actually predict one’s future. If you get a Tarot reading, you will be learning possible outcomes to your life. The actual outcome depends on your own actions. It helps you to learn about yourself, so you can get in touch with your “Higher Self”. Here you will learn about the two types of Tarot card readings, and how to get the most out of your readings.

The two different types of Tarot card readings are question readings and open readings. The question readings are more intense, and focus on specific questions you may have. There are no yes or no answers to your questions. The answers you receive are meant to be a guide to help you make the best decisions. It is important to state the question properly, and not to have an answer already formed in your mind that will keep you from being able to use the Tarot reading to your best advantage. The best questions will:

  • Be Neutral – The Tarot cards offer a lot of guidance if you choose to take it, refer to tarot card meanings. Your questions should be neutral. They shouldn’t show that you think you already have the right views on things. Let’s say that you want help around the house. Instead of focusing on why you do the lion’s share of the work, focus on how you can get others to help.
  • Offer Many Options – You need to be open to options. For instance, instead of asking about how you can solve a problem, ask about the various options available to you. The less narrow the question is, the better the answer will be.
  • Be about You – Generally, when you visit a Tarot reader, you are there to ask a question about your own life. Don’t focus on others with your question. For instance, if a loved one is having substance abuse problems, don’t ask why. Ask if you had a role in their decision to abuse drugs or alcohol. Keep the focus on you.
  • Be Focused, but Not too Detailed – Don’t get bogged down with the details. Instead, learn how to look at a problem in a broader way. Instead of asking how you can make your life more peaceful, ask about how to create a balance between work and home life. Don’t ask about how to incorporate all of the things you do. The cards can provide a lot of information without needing a lot of little details.
  • Not be Negative – Questions need to be asked in a positive way. Don’t focus on why something isn’t happening. Focus on how you can make it happen.

While question readings focus on specific questions, open Tarot readings look at the bigger picture. Many people choose open readings when they are starting new phases of their lives. These phases can be marriage, graduation, having children, etc. If you want your reading to cover something that is general, such as your family life, your health, or your career, rather than a specific question, an open reading is the answer. 

Image Source: Glenn Moyer