Ultra-Futuristic Smartwatch Design: Holographic Keyboard, Graphene Body

November 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The ambitious plan of Czech technology developers is to use the wonder material graphene to build a smartwatch. Graphene is one atom thick and practically indestructible. It has many benefits, including in this case conductivity and flexibility as well as strength.

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An illustration of graphene. (Shutterstock)
An illustration of graphene. (Shutterstock)

The smartwatch, named the uGear PeaClock, is in the developing stage. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign began on Nov. 11 with a goal of raising $49,000. Antonín Machanský, one of the developers, also has an Indiegogo project to build a smart wristband for diabetics. Started in October, it has only raised $10 thus far. 

The uGear PeaClock would pack in many of the benefits one would expect of a smartwatch, as well as others that may be unexpected, such as the holographic keyboard. Sending messages would be made easier with a keyboard projected onto any surface. 

Science fiction inspires this development team, they say, and their Indiegogo campaign shows it, complete with quotes from such sources as the cat on the British comedy show “Red Dwarf”: “If you’ve never had a dream, you’ve never had a dream come true!”