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UC Berkeley Failed to Report Millions From China: Report

A new report is alleging the University of California–Berkeley failed to disclose millions in undisclosed Chinese funds. Those funds are tied to a renowned university in Beijing, known as “China’s MIT.” While debate continues over whether the money totaled tens or hundreds of millions, the university has a different take, while at the same time acknowledging that parts of the investigation are correct, like a high-profile visit from Chinese party officials to tour a lab in the United States. The cutting-edge facility is used for semiconductor research.

Topics in this episode:

  1. UC Berkeley Failed to Report Millions from China: Report
  2. Beijing Reacts to Washington’s Comment on Micron Ban
  3. Chipmakers Look to Japan Amid U.S.-China Tech War
  4. Netherlands: Protecting Economy, Cyberspace a Priority
  5. Shanghai Welcomes GM to Boost Investment, R&D in City
  6. China’s New U.S. Envoy Arrives in NY
  7. Russia, China Seal Economic Pacts Amid West’s Concern
  8. China Deploys Buoys in Spratly Islands
  9. Philippines May Regain Control of China-Held Power Grid Operator
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