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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Slams China; Greenwood’s Good Samaritan Identified in Indiana Shooting | NTD Good Morning

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had some strong words for countries that threaten international economic order. Find out what Yellen has to say about China.

Panic breaks out in a Las Vegas hotel over the weekend, with people scrambling to quickly get out.

The good Samaritan in the Indiana shooting was identified, and more details are revealed about the gunman’s actions.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Loud Noise Causes Crowds to Panic in Las Vegas
2. Greenwood’s Good Samaritan Who Stopped Indiana Gunman Identified
3. Indiana Gunman Identified
4. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Slams China
5. Maryland Gubernatorial Primary
6. Democrats Revamp Call to Add Four Justices to Supreme Court
7. Feds Arrest Two Long Islanders for Fraud Scheme
8. Gas to Drop Below $4 a Gallon: WH Economic Adviser
9. Truckers at Oakland Port Protest Gig Worker Law
10. Treasury Approves $940-Million for Plans From Nine States
11. Sweden and Finland’s NATO Membership
12. Greek Fur Industry Struggles Amid Russian Sanctions
13. Luton Airport Shuts Runway as Tarmac Melts in Heat
14. A Cicada Poem Turns Political; Chinese Internet Censorship
15. 20 Foot Waves Crash Hawaii Wedding
16. Dolphins Make a Splash Off Chile’s Coast
17. Plane With Parachute Crash Lands on Sidewalk
18. Los Angeles 2028 Olympics Sets Official Date

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