TSA: Knives Allowed on Planes Beginning in April

By Kristen Meriwether
Kristen Meriwether
Kristen Meriwether
March 5, 2013Updated: March 6, 2013
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Knives now allowed on planes, in carry on luggage, starting on April 25th. (TSA)

Airline passengers will be allowed to carry small knives in carry on luggage beginning April 25, according to new Transportation Security Administration guidelines released Tuesday. 

This is the first time since Sept. 11, 2001, that knives will be allowed on planes.

According to the new guidelines, the blade must be no more than 2.36 inches (6 centimeters) in length from the tip to where the blade meets the handle or hilt, and the blade cannot be more than .5 inch wide.

Knives with locking or fixed blades, knives with molded grips, razors, and box cutters are still prohibited.

The new regulations will also allow lacrosse sticks, pool cues, up to two golf clubs, hockey sticks, ski pols, and bats over two feet, but less than 24 ounces. 

The TSA issued a statement saying, “This is part of an overall Risk-Based Security approach, which allows Transportation Security Officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives.”

Epoch Times Photo

Epoch Times Photo
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