Trump Supporter Says This Is the ‘Most Important’ Election, Especially Against Communism

November 8, 2020 Updated: November 8, 2020

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Scientist Mitch Sakai joined demonstrations in Pennsylvania because he believes this is not just an important election, but possibly the most important one in American history.

“I’m worried about the election not just in PA but in any state there might be any kind of fraud or the votes that are legal votes not being counted correctly,” Sakai said at a Stop the Steal rally on Nov. 7, 2020.

Sakai says he is 100 percent behind President Donald Trump, because he agrees with his policies, but more fundamentally, he is against communism and does not want it in America.

“I support Donald Trump because I agree with his policies. I don’t know Donald Trump personally so I have no personal attachments to him, but I agree with many of his policies,” he said. “To name just a few I’m against abortion, because I believe human life is the most basic of human rights.”

“I strongly oppose communism because I believe it just in the past history where there’s a lot of evidence where communism did a lot of evil, in fact it’s the largest killer in human history, but also more fundamentally I think there’s no basis for people who strongly believe in communism to do good,” Sakai said. “There’s a practical reason for why I oppose communism as well as an intellectual reason.”