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Trump Raid Wasn’t About State Secrets, It Was About Springing an Obstruction Trap to Get Trump | Truth Over News

So much has been said and written about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid that it’s become difficult to understand what is really going on. The corporate media and Democrats keep harping on about former President Donald Trump having stolen secret documents. Trump supporters keep reciting executive privilege and that Trump declassified everything. Both sets of arguments are beside the point.

It is irrelevant whether the documents were classified or declassified. The grand jury subpoena that sought documents from Trump did not mention or care about the actual status of the documents being sought.

What it said was that Trump had to turn over documents that are labeled classified. All the talk about classification and archives and privilege is essentially a decoy as far as the Biden regime is concerned—and a distraction as far as Trump supporters are concerned.

While blaming Trump for stealing classified documents is a very useful media narrative for the Biden regime, the real goal appears to have been to lay a perjury and obstruction trap. The trap had nothing to do with the actual status of any documents. And at least one Trump lawyer appears to have walked right into the trap.

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