White House Says Trump Called Out Security Issues With Tweets Showing Islamic Violence

By Joshua Philipp, The Epoch Times
November 29, 2017 Updated: November 29, 2017

President Donald Trump retweeted three videos on Nov. 29. One shows a boy beating a Dutch boy on crutches; another—a Muslim man smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary; and the third is said to show a group of alleged Islamists pushing a boy off a roof and then beating him to death.

The video showing the boy being pushed off the roof and then beaten to death appears to take place in a Muslim country. Some have speculated the video is from the 2013 riots in Egypt that overthrew former Egypt president Mohamed Morsi, but its origins are unclear.

Another video shows a Muslim man holding a statue of the Virgin Mary and speaking to a camera. He then smashes the statue to the ground, shattering it, as the cameraman says “allahu ackbar.”

The third video is of a boy beating a Dutch boy on crutches. The video alleges the boy committing the violence is a Muslim migrant, but this may be false, as the boy doesn’t appear to have a non-Dutch accent.

“The president has been talking about these security issues for years, from the campaign trail to the White House,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in response to a reporter’s question about the videos on board Air Force One on Nov. 29.

“Our priority is safety and security,” she said.

Sanders also said that Trump would bring up his concerns on a variety of platforms.

“He’s going to continue to talk about them on Twitter. He’s going to talk about them in speeches. He’s going to talk about them, you know, in policy discussions.”

The videos were originally published by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, a right-wing campaign group known for its criticism of Islam. Its website says it “opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.”

The Britain First party opposes mass immigration and is considered to be “racist” by many in the UK. It addresses the criticisms on its website, stating “Britain First rejects racial hatred in all its forms,” and adds, “British ethnic minorities regularly attend our events and activities.”

Paul Golding, leader of Britain First, also addresses the topic in a video, stating that in the current UK political environment, “If you are against mass immigration you are a ‘racist,’ if you are proud of being British you are a ‘racist,’ if you think British people who are born here should be put first you are a ‘racist.'”

Golding alleges that the current use of the word “racism” is based in communist thought as a way to “stifle debate and silence opposition to left-wing schemes,” and says the use is a divergence from the true meaning that “racism is when a person hates or discriminates against another person because of their racial background.”

He attributes the Britain First party being dubbed “racist” as political “name-calling and character assassination.”

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