Truckfighters Delivers Satisfying Universe

March 9, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Some of the most effective albums leave the greatest of tastes in one’s mouth, as if one can tell a band had a lot of fun recording it. Truckfighters‘ latest effort Universe easily satisfies even the most skeptical rocker.

The Swedish rockers waste no time belting out instantaneously catchy tracks like “Prophet” and the opener “Mind Control.” Although they’re known for their kick ass heavy riffs, Universe proves they are unafraid of experimenting with other genres.

“The Chairman” and “Get Lifted” highlights Truckfighters desire to go in a more progressive direction without abandoning their roots.

If the 13-minute closing track “Mastodont” sounds eerily similar to the name of sludge metal heavyweights Mastodon, that’s because it is. “Mastodont” was partly inspired by Mastodon, who has toured with the band in the past. 

Ultimately, its catchiness and smooth transition from one track to another is what makes Universe an album worth listening to and one to discuss.