Toronto Imposes More COVID-19 Measures on Businesses

January 4, 2021 Updated: January 5, 2021

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he is adding more COVID-19 measures, effective immediately, which businesses across the city must follow.

The new measures include mandating employers to immediately inform Toronto Public Health if two or more of their employees test positive for COVID-19 in their workplace within a 14-day interval.

The municipal government also requires employers to minimise instances of more than one person in a vehicle for work-related duties.

Also, employers must ensure there is a physical distance of at least two meters throughout the workplace between workers.

Meanwhile, indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments continue to be prohibited in Toronto under the Ontario COVID-19 shutdown measures.

Malls and retail stores are to remain closed unless categorized as essential businesses. Big box retailers with a grocery section and essential businesses are limited to 50 percent capacity during the lockdown.

Visits from family or friends who are not household members also continue to be prohibited under provincial order. 

Toronto has been under lockdown since Nov. 23, 2020, with the measure extended on Dec. 26 for another 28 days.