Top Educational Tools for All Teachers to Try

By VictoriaN
I am a student of journalism. I am interested in iformation technologies especially in ones in the sphere of education. I always observe new tools helping to study and want everybody to know about them.
September 1, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

If you are a teacher who doesn’t keep up with the trends in contemporary, then you won’t be able to surpass the generational gap between you and your students. Today’s students don’t like the classic teaching methods where the educator explains the concepts and leaves the studying up to them. If you want to be successful in your profession, you have to understand that students are looking for a practical approach that involves technology.

The following educational tools will help you understand today’s model of a student and improve your teaching methods in order to achieve better results.


If you are teaching young students, then you can easily find out if they have learning disabilities, dyslexia, or other obstacles that prevent them from learning effectively. The website will also help you understand the difference between dyslexia, learning disability, and learning difficulty, and show you the right approach towards students who are struggling to understand what you are trying to teach them.


Every teacher, student, and parent should know about this website. provides a wealth of information on how to solve reading and learning problems and help the student achieve success in all subject areas through effective learning strategies.


The problem with today’s teachers is that they rush to suspect that a child has ADHD when they cannot deal with their energy. This website will help you recognize this disorder and prevent misdiagnosis. In addition, it will also provide you with information on how to solve behavior problems in children and teens by taking the right approach.


If you are a physical educator or you’re interested in this area, then you’ll love this website that puts an emphasis on practical information. The articles are condensed and brief, so they won’t take a lot of your time, but will provide you with valuable information that will add a “pizazz” to the physical education program.

5. Brainwritings

All teachers know that from time to time students need help and often they choose not the right ways to get it. Firstly, teachers may study this site to read a lot of useful advice and to discover what problems students often have. And secondly, they can propose their help to students and teach them.


Although today’s educational system is heavily based upon technology, that doesn’t make handwriting obsolete. At this website, teachers can find a comprehensive learning program of seven workbooks for K-6 students. There are great supplementary materials that will increase the students’ enthusiasm for practicing their handwriting.


At this website, you can get a great geography textbook for kids. What better way to inspire your students to learn about the world that surrounds them than by recommending a website they will love? In addition to the materials associated to geography, also offers educational games from various fields of study.


Speaking of textbooks, you should always find a way to spice them up and adapt them to the collective energy in the class. Creating your own textbooks can take a lot of time, which is why you will greatly appreciate this website. is no joke; you can hire an expert with a PhD or MA in the suitable niche to help you with the academic materials you need to create. Moreover, you can also hire editing assistance and save yourself from the embarrassment of presenting flawed content to your students.


Young students love playing computer games, so you should use that inclination for educative purposes. At this website, kids can play a fun game that will test their brains and teach them about healthy food.


Inspiring your students’ creativity is the best method of becoming their favorite teacher. This website offers everyday learning adventures that are fun and enticing for young students. There are different sections you can recommend for your students to try, including read, create, laugh, play, cook, learn, and more.


There have always been bullies and bullied students in every class. The interactive program provided at this website will help you understand what bullying is and find ways of dealing with this phenomenon.

You can become a much better teacher with the help of the right online tools

It doesn’t matter what problems you are facing along the way of finding the right approach towards your students – you can always find a solution online. Even if you think that there are no problems with your teaching methods and you know everything there is to know about your profession, you can still make yourself a better teacher with the use of the right websites and online tools.

The above-mentioned online destinations will open the doors to a whole new world of educational technology that you simply have to explore.  

I am a student of journalism. I am interested in iformation technologies especially in ones in the sphere of education. I always observe new tools helping to study and want everybody to know about them.