Top 10 tools teachers are sure to put in use this year

One primary goal of each teacher is to achieve clear communication with the students and parents. This year, you can start by equipping yourself with a wide range of tools to let your expectations and plans for the next academic year be known.

Here is a list of free tools online that I have planned for the class this coming year. The chosen websites are easy to use and at no cost at all.

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This website can be used by students of all levels in learning- elementary school and grade level students, which aims at aiding students and tutors connect all over the world for the purpose of education. It was specifically designed for online distance teaching which is a unique advantage for online tutoring products. Tutors can use this website absolutely for free for the first 2 weeks.


Polls create interest and return-backs from previous users and it only takes a minute to place one. It is a tool that can be used to survey the attitudes and values of parents towards policies in your classroom.


Writinghouse is a free citation generator that enables both teachers and students to get rid of boring formatting styles. There is no need anymore to spend hours trying to understand different styles of formatting and creating your work cited. This tool will do this work instead of you in several seconds.

Google Forms

Google Forms provide an easy, free way to compile information from the students and parents which is part of Google Drive. There is a specialone that allows parent to share information on the child with me and another one that compiles parents’ volunteered information.


This tool communicates simple procedures and policies scanning a document or selecting an image then uploading it to Fotobabble. The next step is recording an audio message explaining the aspects of your class then gather all your Fotobabble on one page named F.A.Q. create a link from the page of New Students directing them to that page.

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Most people are familiar with this great free service which allows tutors to send short texts to parents who opt for their established groups. This process only takes a short time to set up and will become a communication tool of great value to your classroom.


This tool is used to create screen casts- an online screen recording. This is done by first selecting the website you wish to describe, start the Screenr and commence recording the audio message while touring the site. It is a great way for creating website tutorials that you’ll use on a regular basis in your class- Math Fact Practice, Accelerated Reader and Spelling City. It is also a good way for the students and parents to review directions at home in their own free time.


This tool allows to record and share messages on your web. Being free and easy to use, the message is passed across to people.


With this site, you can make colorful flyers at no charge at all. You can include contact information and placed it on the New Students page. You can also suggest parents to print it out and place it anywhere on the walls, doors etc for future references.

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So when new year is coming it’s very useful to get to know about new tools that can be used while studying and teaching. Teachers can get acquainted with this tools and get used to including it in the process of education. And in January you can start implementing them in classes and make them totally different!