Titanfall Update Six Release Date, News: ‘Marked for Death’ to Be Permanent, No Titan Game Mode, Single Burn Card Sales

A popular game mode makes the permanent playlist and a Titan-less game mode will debut along with host of tweaks in Titanfall’s sixth major game update.

For Titanfall fans who love playing the “Marked for Death” game mode, Respawn Entertainment have decided to make it a permanent game mode instead of rotating it out for another mode as planned earlier.

There will still be a new game mode coming in the update, “Pilot Skirmish.”

As the name implies, this 8v8 game mode is strictly pilot versus pilot only, with no Titans or AI available. Because of the player size, however, “Pilot Skirmish” won’t be included in the Variety Pack playlist.

Players can also buy individual Burn Cards “from a limited, ever shifting stock” via Black Market Daily Deals. The Black Market and Burn Cards were introduced in the last Titanfall DLC, “Frontier’s Edge,” and feature in-game only credit transactions.

Annoyed at joining a game late and getting a lost record because you ended up on the losing team? Respawn ensures that this scenario never happens again as it won’t record games where one joins a match on the losing side with a match more than half over.

Leaving the game will result in a loss on one’s record, though. Winning the match under any circumstances will still count as a win and will be recorded.

Check out the full list of changes here.

Respawn Entertainment still doesn’t have a release date for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, according to a tweet from their official Twitter account.