Tips for Women and Men on How to Dress for Any Occasion

By Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison
July 24, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

When you are invited to attend an event, it may be “casual chic”, “black tie”, etc. It can often be difficult to figure out what to wear to certain events, because it seems that fashion rules are changing all the time. The most important thing, no matter what type of event you are dressing for, is to not be wearing what everyone else is wearing. Try buying from fashion houses that have limited runs. S!R Mens Wear designs good looking shirts, but the coolest thing about the company is that they only make 24 dress shirts for each design.

Here are some tips that will help you dress your best, no matter where you are going to be.

  • Black Tie – This is a formal event, and one that requires formal dress. Women should opt for tea or floor-length gowns for events like charity parties, awards ceremonies, and formal weddings. Accessories should be dramatic yet understated at the same time. For instance, a dramatic necklace or earrings, but not both. Be sure to have a metallic clutch to finish off your outfit. Men should wear tuxedos with real (not clip-on) black bow ties.

  • Cocktail – This calls for semiformal fashions. For instance, if you are going to an engagement party or a wedding, you may want to choose dresses made from lace, velvet, chiffon, and other luxurious fabrics. Hemlines should be no more than two inches higher than the knee. Be sure to wear fancy footwear, possibly adorned with jewels. For men, a dark, well-fitted suit is perfect, with a white shirt and a dark tie.

  • Festive – You can get a bit more creative with festive clothing. Go bold with jewelry and color, and enjoy some glitter in your dresses. Add some more sparkle with a bib necklace, a glittery clutch, and an awesome pair of pumps. Men, enjoy being more playful. Try a velvet blazer with a funky tie, or gray flannel trousers with a nice sweater.

  • Dressy Resort – You are safe wearing something that is comfortable, attractive, and functional. A nice maxi or flowing sundress is ideal for a dressy resort. Pair a dress with gold wedges, pretty flats, or sandals with beadwork. Avoid basic black clothing, and opt instead for fun colors. A linen suit in a light color or a pale shirt with white pants is a great look for men. Khakis are okay as well. Wear loafers, but no socks.

  • Business Attire – Keep business clothes simple. Neutral colors are best for women’s suits. Sheath dresses are also nice for women to wear in the office. Even in a casual office atmosphere, you should strive to look nice. Gray and navy suits are best for ben, as well as dark chalk-stripes and windowpane patterns. Finish this look with a nice tie, a pale dress shirt, and clean, polished brown shoes

  • Casual Chic – This is fancy and casual all at once. Try pairing a pair of jeans with a ruffled blouse and high heels. Complete the outfit with bold earrings and a blazer. You can have fun with casual chic, and try pairing different things for fun looks. Men don’t need to bother with suits and ties. Comfortable chinos and an oxford shirt are ideal, and if the event is in a pub-like atmosphere, jeans are fine.

  • Come as You Are – This doesn’t mean show up in your nightclothes. It means that you can be comfortable, but you should still try to look good. For instance, pair jeans and a fun shirt, and wear a touch of makeup so you look put together. Capris with cute sneakers is a great look for summer parties. For men, as long as their clothes are clean and not wrinkled, they will look fine. But, to bring it up a notch, you may want to wear a Henley or a button-down shirt.

Image Source: Deniss Sudak