Man and Mama Dog Furiously Dig Through Flooded Hole to Rescue Her Tiny Drowning Puppy

April 16, 2019 Updated: April 16, 2019

At the beginning of this jaw-dropping video, a man and dog work furiously to rescue a puppy which had fallen into a hole.

The kind individual and loving dog mom work in stride to help one of the dog’s puppies get pulled out of a hole which the puppy thought was a shallow puddle. With the man digging out the hole and the mother dog going in for the rescue, the puppy was pulled out of the deep hole. Once the puppy was rescued, the mother carried her puppy to safety, but there was a good chance the puppy wasn’t going to make it. It was under water for awhile and although the rescue only took a few minutes, it was long enough to be perilous and potentially fatal.

The man races over to the puppy to check on its condition and immediately beings CPR to try to revive the small creature. Shortly thereafter, the puppy awakes and is reunited with its mother and siblings. After being soothed and recovering, the puppy sits with its brothers and sisters and has mealtime with the mother.

It’s amazing what wonderful things can be accomplished when man and animal work together to achieve a common goal.

Credit: ViralHog