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This Wave of Violence Has Been Strategic

What we seem to continue to overlook, in my opinion, is that this wave of violence is strategic. Its origins can be traced back to the Obama administration who sent the message, loud and clear, to the millions of leftist Democrat communists that comprise the Democrat Party: “attack.” And it has been open season on the American republic ever since.

All communist coups are founded on violence. In the case of America, the strategy is simple: a relentless wave of violence that forces capitulation. That facilitates the disarming of the entire population. That eliminates the democratic process. And most importantly, that sees the end of the Constitution, the document most violently antithetical to the leftist Democrat communist dogma.

Be careful what you wish for. The descent into chaos is being deliberately orchestrated by the left.

When the cries get loud enough for protection from the criminals, they will move to replace the inept local police with a federal police force, under their control of course.

The local police became inept because of the left’s constant undermining of their authority and a smear campaign falsely accusing them of brutality and murder, causing all the good cops to leave the force, to be replaced by the incompetent.

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