This Guy Went Fishing With a Drone, and It WORKED

April 10, 2019 Updated: April 10, 2019

This video has to be watched to be believed – really.

Drones are a pretty common sight to see these days, and they are only going to become more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, but this man thought of a use for his drone that no one else in the world had thought of. He decided to try to fish with it.

Really. When this man decided to try and catch a fish with his drone, he was skeptical anything would happen.

“Today we’re gonna go fishing with a drone. But we aren’t using worms and we’re not in a little pond. We’re on Lake Champlain and we’re gonna be trolling with a jitterbug.”

Lake Champlain sits on the border of New York and Vermont in the US, contains 6.2 cubic miles of water and is a popular spot for anglers using all kinds of bait, but this man decides to use a jitterbug, a form of lure.

He throws the lure into the water and starts up the drone. Once it’s up in the air, he uses the drone to drag the lure through the water, attracting the fish to the lure as it moves like a struggling insect.

Within minutes of him sending out the drone a fish jumps onto his line. The fish leaps out of the water as it’s pulled along by the drone.

“We got a fish!” he shouts breathlessly, utterly surprised that his plan worked. “Oh my gosh – a fish is on the end!”

He brings the drone back to the shore and then pulls the fish the rest of the way in by hand. The fish isn’t as tired as it would be after the usual fight on the end of a rod, but he catches it after a short struggle.

As soon as he has it in his hands he starts screaming for his wife. “Oh my gosh! Miriam!” He’s beside himself with excitement. He pulls out the hook and gets his first good look at the bass.

Then he does something unexpected – he sets off running up the embankment! He runs all the way back to his family’s house, gets his picture taken, then runs all the way back to the lake to safely return the fish to the water.

Seriously, watch the video to believe it!

Video Credit: Newsflare