These K-Drama Stars Careers Recovered From Scandal

March 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Scandals can potentially kill off an actor’s career. Here are some K-drama actors whose survived scandals and moved on in their careers.


Lee Ji Ah

Lee Ji Ah, who appears in “Athena Goddess of War,” “Beethoven Virus,” and “Me Too Flower,” made the headlines when her secret, over 10 year marriage to k-pop star Seo Taiji was revealed.

Lee’s relationship with Jung Woo Sung, her “Athena” co-star, also fell apart following news of her secret marriage, even though she had long separated from Seo.

Lee Ji Ah’s career survived, and she went to star in “Thrice Married Woman.”


Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon, who rose to prominence after playing Crown Prince Lee Shin in the popular k-drama “Princess Hours,” was arrested for drug use in 2009.

The former model for Calvin Klein, Lee’s and Reebok pleaded guilty to using ecstacy and ketamine. He was fined, sentenced to six months of jail time, suspended for one year, and awarded 120 hours of community service.

After the star of “Antique Bakery” finished his probation and completed his mandatory stint in the Korean Army, he made a comeback in the film “I Am A King,” starred in TV series “Five Fingers”, and plays a supporting role in medical drama “Medical Top Team.”

Joo is currently shooting Love Suspicion, a thriller/melodrama.


Song Seung Hoon

Song Seung Hoon became famous after starring in k-dramas “Autumn in My Heart” and “Summer Scent.”

His reputation was cast in doubt when rumors started to surface and spread that he had illegally avoided Korea’s mandatory military service by malingering.

Song, however, would serve in the Korean Army, and even attained the rank of colonel.

Two years after his stint in the military, Song would go on to feature in “East of Eden,” “Ghost,” “My Princess” and Dr. Jin.”

Song is currently preparing for the film “Human Addiction,” where he plays a colonel who has an obsessive love affair with the wife of a junior officer.