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Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Is Finally Gaining Traction After a Year of Cover-Ups

The origin of the CCP (Chinese Communist Partyvirus has been the subject of widespread speculation. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that it’s highly unlikely the virus leaked out of the Wuhan lab.

But is that really accurate? Or is the WHO simply providing cover for the CCP? Why is the WHO pointing toward a bat cave, located over 1,000 miles from the outbreak center, as the likely origin of the CCP virus? Why did the WHO give Chinese leadership full veto power over the formation of its investigative team?

Who is Peter Daszak, and what was his role with the Wuhan lab? Why did the CCP reject three other American investigators but was happy to allow Daszak to join the investigation? And did the WHO’s chosen investigative team have any prior involvement with either the CCP or with the Wuhan lab?

Why would the WHO, a supposedly independent organization, be motivated to cover for China’s government? And what was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in funding the Wuhan lab? Does this have any bearing on Fauci’s directives to our nation?

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