The Walking Dead Season 5 News: Rick the Only Character Who Might Not Die?

March 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Walking Dead season 5 is confirmed and will start filming in mid-April, with a premiere date sometime in October 2014.

There’s lots of questions over whether one of the main characters–or more–will die in the last episodes of season 4.

To that end, people have been working to identify so-called “safe” characters, who definitely won’t be killed.

At this point, based on a casting call for season 5, Rick appears to be the only character that’s safe for now. 

It says that season 5 begins with Rick and the group heading to Washington, D.C., “where they meet new danger and a new enemy.”

No one else’s name is mentioned apart from Rick, meaning pretty much anyone can die. 

According to a leaked play-by-play of the March 23 episode, none of the main characters die in it.

That leaves the season finale on March 30, which is sure to be intense.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic books and who is involved with the show, emphasized on Reddit recently that Rick is not ultimately a “safe” character, but it appears for now he is safe.

Asked about killing off characters, Kirkman said: “In my opinion, I feel like characters ripen like fruit. So while I wouldn’t say the more popular a character is the more likely they are to die, they do have to reach a certain level of popularity before they’ve ‘earned’ the death. No character is too popular to die. (Suck it, [Norman] Reedus!)”

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