Walking Dead Companion Series Filming Los Angeles in 2015: Reports

December 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The highly anticipated Walking Dead companion series will be set in California, according to new reports.

It was previously reported that the series, which is not a spinoff because it won’t feature any of the same characters as the main series, was going to shoot in Pennsylvania, but that turned out to be a hoax.

Now TVLine says it’s confirmed that the series will be set in Los Angeles.

However, it says that “it’s unclear if the show will actually be shot in L.A., or another city that could double as the City of Angels (i.e. Vancouver).” On the other hand, a Reddit user posted a letter that says the series will be filming in Los Angeles.


Few plot details have escaped about the series, but the blog says that it may actually be a prequel of sorts, starting in the early days of the epidemic and highlighting efforts to contain it.

Even if that is the case, though, the series should prove popular and would likely run into the time covered by the main series.

Producers and creator Robert Kirkman have emphasized that the companion series will be in a different location than the main series, which has been set almost exclusively in Georgia so far, and will feature a completely different cast.

Three actors have been cast in the companion series so far.

Cliff Curtis will play the lead in “Cobalt,” which is currently a pilot but considered a shoo-in for a series order.

Curtis will play Sean Cabrera, a Latino teacher in his 40s who has a teenage son, Cody, with his ex-wife Andrea Chapman.

The female lead–Nancy Tomkins, a single mom and guidance counselor who works at the same school as Sean–is currently testing actresses.

The other confirmed characters cast are Nancy’s teenage son Nick and teenage daughter Ashley. Frank Dillane of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince fame will play Nick while Alycia Debnam Carey of Into the Storm fame will play Ashley.


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