The Shape of Your Thumb Can Reveal Interesting Things About Your Life and Personality

December 5, 2019 Updated: December 6, 2019

We don’t often take the time to think about our thumbs, but these strange appendages are one of the things that makes us special as a species and gives us a big advantage for all kinds of tasks.

But have you ever noticed that not all thumbs are the same? It’s not just the size that’s different for each person; it’s also the shape! And for palm readers, the particular way your thumb looks can say a great deal about who you are before you ever even open your mouth.

Today, we’ll look at five different thumb shapes and what they say about personality types!

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You’re probably thinking, “a thumb is just a thumb,” right? Well, look a little bit closer. What you’ll see is that the thumb has two bones in it—phalanges is the technical term. So the way to identify differently shaped thumbs and the traits that go with them starts with the length of the phalanges.

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Type A: Perfectionist

If the top part of your thumb is noticeably longer than the bottom, this shows a dominance of head over heart. People with this kind of thumb are usually big idealists, who have very high expectations for themselves and others.

Always striving to make reality conform to their dreams, they can sometimes be difficult to work with because of their exacting standards. However, if you want a job done properly, this is definitely the person you want on your team.

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Type B: Hardworking

For people whose lower phalange is bigger than the upper, they are closer to the ground than Type A. Rather than dwelling in the world of ideas, these people have their feet firmly on the ground. They are hard workers who plug away at any task they are given until they have made progress.

They are an invaluable member of the team, as their slow, steady pace always wins the race. As friends, these are loyal people who do everything in their power to make those around them happy and safe.

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Type C: Balanced

As you might imagine, if the phalanges are equal length, then balance is what characterizes your personality. In your relationships, you seek harmony and are a peacemaker. Your sense of calm and equilibrium are valued by people around you.

This kind of personality will be a great teacher as they see all sides of a problem and find a way to balance theoretical and practical knowledge. The balanced way you see the world is valuable to people in need of advice, as you can help them.

Now that we’ve looked at the length of the phalanges, there’s one more factor to consider when it comes to thumb shape and personality. What happens when you make a classic thumbs up? Look closely at the natural curvature of your thumb when extended, as this can also say a lot about you!

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Type D: Flexible

When you put your thumb out as if you are trying to catch a ride hitchhiking, what do you see? If you see a curve, this shows your flexibility, the character trait that governs your personality.

As you might imagine, this kind of person is highly adaptable, willing and able to change to fit new environments and meet challenges. Along with this ability to survive and thrive in different contexts comes a skill for sharing what they are feeling and experiencing. They find expressing themselves easy, even around new people.

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Type E: Stubborn

If instead of curving, your thumb stands straight up, this shows your stubbornness and dominating nature. While you’re not especially flexible like Type D, you have a strength of character and ability to stay true to friends and projects, which is incredibly valuable.

You also are true to yourself and your ideas, which makes you a loyal and trustworthy person to have around. Other people know where they stand with you! You’re anything but a fair-weather friend.

So check your thumbs and those of your co-workers, friends, and family! You might discover some interesting things.

Photo Credit: Illustration – The Epoch Times