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The Secret World of the Global Elites Who Would ‘Rule Us All’

“In the market, you have to adapt to the mistakes you make; you admit your errors … But the WEF [World Economic Forum], and the World Health Organization, or the U.S. government and CDC, NIH, for that matter … just have a hard time admitting that they were wrong. But the fact is that they were wildly wrong.”

Jeffrey Tucker is a man well versed in the behaviors and intentions of those we call “global elites”—the people who seemingly pulled the strings to enact worldwide lockdowns in the earlier days of the pandemic. He is the founder and president of the Brownstone Institute, dedicated to advancing the freedoms of the individual.

“I think there is a reason to be concerned, mainly because these people insulate themselves from any opposition to this outlook, to this worldview. And they come to believe it’s their destiny to behave this way and do these sorts of things.”

What psychology drives these would-be “masters of the universe,” and when did America’s jarring tradition of having unelected officials call the shots really begin?

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