The Pervasiveness of Addiction

September 14, 2018 Updated: September 14, 2018

I’m writing in regard to the article “Yes, Marijuana Can Be Addictive” published in the Sept. 6-12 issue of your newspaper.

I am a therapist, specializing in addictions, and have been for 35 years. I have lectured in several countries (China, Canada, USA, Russia, Israel, England) on addictions and related topics, trained addictions counsellors, and served on various committees and boards of recovery houses. I have also written four books. The most recent is Spiritual Transformation, available on Amazon.

The shallowness of these opinions about marijuana, alcohol, drugs, etc., never ceases to amaze me. North America is awash in addiction—pornography, spending, shopping, exercise, drugs, sex, television, alcohol, religion, and technology, to name a few. As a culture we are drowning in addictions and selfish justification allows us to claim some special exemption because “this one” isn’t quite as bad as “that one.” Any one of these is as destructive as any of the others. Only a self-righteous fool would think otherwise. The damage to health, relationships, our ability to even form relationships, sexuality, intellectual insight, emotional integrity, employment, and creative vitality is more profound than most people can begin to comprehend.

But no one wants to hear this because they might have to examine themselves more closely and voluntarily place themselves in the “I’m an addict” category. It’s quite sad, really.

Richard W. Clark

South Surrey, British Columbia

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