The Nation Speaks (Jan. 23): Alan Dershowitz on the Perils of Impeachment; Finding Common Ground; Why America is the World’s Most Generous Country

January 23, 2021 Updated: January 24, 2021

In this episode, NTD talks to Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor emeritus and constitutional law expert, about the dangers of using impeachment as a political tool and the future of free speech in America.

And in a time of deep divide, Dr. George Barna, director of research at Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, highlights key issues that have strong bipartisan support in the United States.

Francisco Gonzalez, director of philanthropy at National Review Institute, also talks about why America is the most charitable country in the world.

Finally, volunteers Xiomara Castro and Amy Sonntag tell us how helping others has changed their own lives.