Study: The Most Feminine and Masculine Topics Talked About on Facebook

By Petr Svab
Petr Svab
Petr Svab
Petr Svab is a reporter covering New York. Previously, he covered national topics including politics, economy, education, and law enforcement.
May 28, 2016 Updated: October 5, 2018

If you see messages that use words like “excited” and “tonight” and “ridiculously” and “uber” in your Facebook messenger, there’s a high chance its a woman typing them.

On the other hand, if the message contains word like “government” and “freedom” and “rights” and “country,” you have the highest chance its a man posting it.

At least that’s what it says in a study on over 15,000 Facebook users conducted by a team of scientists from U.S., United Kingdom, and Australia.

The users gave their permission to have their Facebook data mined, and scientists then looked for word patterns to figure out what topics are most associated with men and women, among other things.

In general, women typed more warmly and more frequently about things like friends, family, and social life.

Men used colder language, but exhibited more swearing and anger. They more frequently discussed politics, technical subjects, and values like freedom and democracy.

Furthermore, women used language that was warmer, more compassionate, polite, and—contrary to previous findings—slightly more assertive.

Men used colder, more hostile, and impersonal language.

The Most Female-Related Topics by Related Keywords 

  1. excited, tomorrow, tonight, soooo, sooo, super, yay, sooooo, uber, ridiculously
  2. happy, birthday, wishing, sister, years, wonderful, st, daughter, nephew, brother
  3. cute, baby, adorable, puppy, sooo, aww, soo, he’s, soooo, awww
  4. <3, :), ily, babe, boyfriend, par, besties, bestie, =], xoxo
  5. family, friends, wonderful, blessed, amazing, thankful, loving, husband, grateful, lucky
  6. love, loved, truely, freely, shown, dearly
  7. :), : (, dayy, funn, soo, todayy, goood, alll, yayy
  8. shopping, christmas, grocery, clothes, xmas, online, shopping, spree, lunch, mail
  9. love, sister, friend, world, beautiful, precious, sister, thin, words, shared
  10. <3, brandon, zach, amazing, jr, robert, boyfriend, heather, katie, mummy
  11. love, yo, adore, xoxo, admire, extraordinary, absolutely, genuine, entitled, mentioned
  12. <3, d, :), ;), amazing, xx, : ‘), xxx, xxxx
  13. <3, love, ^_^, ^.^, ; d, sweetheart, hun, inlove, mucho, girlies
  14. :), fun, haha, danielle, marie, hanging, sooo, soo, hahaha, hahah
  15. miss, dad, man, missing, girl, daddy, forever, boyfriend, show, husband
  16. sister, niece, nephew, loves, aunt, nieces, nephews, secrets, auntie, mother
  17. great, lunch, nice, dinner, family, enjoyed, church, wonderful, afternoon, sunday
  18. love, loving, jared, love’s, haters, losers, enemies, secure, ing, supported
  19. day, wonderful, hope, great, blessed, beautiful, fantastic, filled, goodmorning, glorious
  20. house, family, mom, cousins, grandparents, dinner, cousin, grandma, parents, dad

The Most Male-Related Topics by Related Keywords

  1. government, freedom, rights, country, thomas, political, democracy, liberty, america, power
  2. win, lose, game, losing, winning, bet, loose, loses, streak, wi
  3. battle, fight, victory, fighting, win, war, defeat, enemy, defeated, won
  4. [expletives omitted]
  5. football, team, season, game, play, players, league, sports, fantasy, player
  6. metal, music, band, rock, bands, heavy, listening, singer, songs, listen
  7. xbox, ps, play, playing, live, games, cod, online, wii, playin
  8. opinion, opinions, logic, based, political, fact, moral, beliefs, philosophy, argument
  9. world, cup, spain, win, england, fifa, germany, won, usa, final
  10. government, economy, tax, budget, pay, taxes, country, income, benefits, obama
  11. gun, guns, shot, shoot, shooting, range, barrel, loaded, shotgun, cracker
  12. album, cd, listening, songs, song, release, listen, itunes, albums, released
  13. music, sound, headphones, loud, bass, speakers, studio, hear, drum, volume
  14. death, die, dies, died, painful, dying, loss, slow, cab, funeral
  15. skills, management, business, learning, information, research, communication, engineering, development, technology
  16. american, british, accent, history, asian, america, russia, country, western, african
  17. computer, error, program, photoshop, server, properly, file, website, message, view
  18. guitar, playing, hero, bass, drums, learn, learning, acoustic, electric
  19. man, iron, chef, cave, flat, slave, tin, fist, properly, beg
  20. kill, kills, killed, murder, killing, die, swear, dead, alive, boredom

Petr Svab
Petr Svab
Petr Svab is a reporter covering New York. Previously, he covered national topics including politics, economy, education, and law enforcement.