The Most Popular Attractions of Budapest

February 16, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

When planning a vacation in Europe, there are plenty of great destinations one can visit. One of the most popular destinations is Budapest, because it is loaded with so many attractions. In addition to popular older attractions, there is always something new to be found here, so it is actually a vacation destination that is worthy of multiple visits. Here is a small sample of what you will find when you spend your next vacation in Budapest.


Varkert Bazar
This is a new attraction, and an old one at the same time. The historic Danube waterfront buildings are opening their doors in the spring of 2014, for the first 30 years. Here you will see an amazing series of arcades and staircases that lie near the feet of the Royal Palace. This complex was built sometime between 1875 and 1888, and has been recently renovated to restore it to its former glory. This is going to be a very popular attraction, with cafes, restaurants, and many shops. There will also be an escalator that goes up to Castle Hill.

Some of the most popular Attractions of Budapest are the buildings. The architecture here is eclectic, with beautiful bridges, the Parliament building, Art Nouveau palaces, an old-world castle, and a whole lot more. This is a city that has been long-known for its amazing architecture, and its history. Here you will find Roman ruins, Gothic arches, Turkish bathhouses, and even mansions from the late 19th century. There are several walking tours that take you to see these famous landmarks, including Art Nouveau Eclectic & Culture, Villas and Urban Mansions Tour, and Art Nouveau Tours.

Another new attraction is Bubi, the Budapest pubic bicycle system. Opening in April, 2014, there will be 75 bike stations, and more than 1,000 bikes. Cyclists will be able to get a bike at one station and drop it off at a different one. The first half hour of the ride is free of charge. The first hour is the price as one transit ticket, and each hour thereafter is the cost of two single transit tickets, which is well worth it as cycling is a great way to tour the city.

Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music
It has taken many years of renovations, but the Academy of Music finally re-opened its doors in October, 2013. Founded by Ferenc Liszt, the building has been lovingly restored to its original beauty. At this 20th century, Art Nouveau-style building, you can see concerts, or just look around at the place where many famous Hungarian musicians were trained.

Historic Baths
Budapest rests atop thermal springs, and is known for its historic baths. The bathing culture dates back to Roman times, and there are some amazing bathhouses in the city. This is one of the best ways to just sit back and relax after a busy day of visiting the many other sites of the city.

Ruin Pubs
The Ruin Pubs are something that you aren’t going to see any place else in the world. This is the center of the entertainment scene in Budapest, and is popular with both locals and tourists. There have been many clubs here throughout the years, with some of the most popular being Szimpla, Instant, and Fogashaz. You can visit all of the Ruin Pubs when you take a Tipsy Budapest Tour.

This is a city where all of the best sights are accessible by foot. In fact, it is known for being a walking city, with the majority of attractions located between the Danube and the Grand Boulevard. To learn more about the Budapest and start planning your next vacation, visit Tripindicator.