The Last of Us PS4 Release Date Revealed? PlayStation Exclusive Could Hit Next-Gen Soon

The Last of Us could be coming to PlayStation 4 soon.

Naughty Dog had confirmed a summer 2041 release date, but hadn’t pinpointed a specific date yet.

But at least one retailer was advertising that The Last of Us will hit stores next week.

Game Barnsley had two tweets that advertised Last of Us as coming out next week, and said that “it’s pinned down for Friday 13th release!”

But it later apologized. 

“Apologises everyone about #TheLastOfUs Release Date! #MissPrint #OverEagerStaffMember We will update you when we get an official date sorry!” it said.

Other retailers haven’t posted information about a release.

The Last of Us originally launched on PS 3 in June 2013.



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