The First Word You See in This Photo Will Reveal About Your Subconscious Personality

June 24, 2019 Updated: June 25, 2019

Since the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach created his famous ink-blot tests in the 1920s, we all know that what we see in the world says a lot about our personality. For psychologists wanting to know more about a person’s thought processes and attitudes, showing an ambiguous image allows them to see how a patient thinks about the world.

Hermann Rohrshach used ink blots to reveal patients’ subconscious thought processes (Illustration – Shutterstock | xpixel)

Have you ever wondered what this kind of test might say about you? Maybe you’ve even looked at some of Rorschach’s blots to find something out about yourself that you didn’t even know.

Rather than an image that can be seen many different ways, let’s look at a word test that appears quite simple. Feel free to do this with your spouse or a friend and find out just how much you have in common when it comes to the way you think.

Illustration – The Epoch Times

Think about it quickly. Which letter is missing? Just think about the first one that comes to mind. Once you’ve got it, you can find out all about your deepest self.

Let’s go in alphabetical order through the different possibilities:

Illustration – The Epoch Times

If you came up with “loser”: 

This doesn’t mean that you suffer from a lack of self-confidence or think poorly of yourself deep down. Rather, it means that you don’t pull any punches.

Deep down, you’re not afraid to call things the way you see them, even if that means making an assessment that’s quite critical of someone else. This basic honesty is a gift, even if others don’t realize it.

Your insights into others are very valid and important, but hearing the truth isn’t always easy in romantic relationships or in friendships. Don’t be surprised if people sometimes bristle when you level with them. But stay yourself and let your honesty shine through.

Illustration – The Epoch Times

If you came up with “lover”:

While you might think this would mean that you’re a big romantic or believer in true love, it actually has much more to do with your liveliness. People who see lover are full of life and often quite interesting to others.

Others often wonder what you’re thinking and what drives you, and this means you’re never just thought of as plain or a simple person. Rather, people are drawn to you by a sense of vitality and mystery.

Of course, this can attract the person you might want to spend your life with, but even your spouse will still feel like they have more to learn about you.

Illustration – The Epoch Times

Last but not least, if you see “lower”: 

This doesn’t that you think of yourself as better or worse than others; instead, it means that you’re willing and able to pull yourself up by bootstraps. Challenges and obstacles don’t get in your way as you always have the courage necessary to confront them.

People around you will of course see this winning spirit and gravitate toward you. If your partner or friends are risk averse, they’ll be especially grateful to have you around as your intrepid and pioneering qualities will give them the inspiration that they’re otherwise lacking.

Now you have the verdict! Be sure to share this test with those closest to you and find out what makes them tick!