The First Animal You See in This Psychology Illusion Reveals Your True Innermost Self

July 24, 2019 Updated: July 25, 2019

Since 1892, when one of the most famous illusions of all time was created, the so-called “duck-rabbit” image, psychologists have been looking at how people respond to ambiguous images and what that can say about their personality and the way they look at the world.

While a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Psychology showed that while most people saw the duck and had trouble seeing the rabbit, those who could see both, flipping back and forth between the two, were better at finding creative solutions to problems.

Today, we have an illusion that will challenge your eyes and could reveal a lot about your innermost self. To do this, you’ll need to look at the image below and say what you see in less than 10 seconds. Are you ready? Go!

Illustration – The Epoch Times

For many people, it’s quite a challenge. Your eyes don’t know exactly where to go at first. You think you see one thing, then another. But finally you see it!

It’s a…


Illustration – Shutterstock | Independent birds

Did you see the bat lurking in the foreground with its ghostly black form? If you did, this is because of you are careful observer of the world, who sees beneath the surface, and focuses on the little things.

Your insights into things hidden in plain sight are amazing. Be assertive and let others know what they’ve missed.


Illustration – Shutterstock | Skynavin

If you saw the faint silhouette of the snake a bit left of center, than this shows your desire to hide behind and among other people. This self-effacing trait can sometimes make you overlooked. Your challenge is to be more confident and put yourself out there!


Illustration – Shutterstock | Eric Isselee

Are you a proud, passionate person? Then there’s a very good chance that you saw the lion first. This symbol of power fits you well but also should be a warning about losing your temper and getting too heated about things that come your way. For you, it’s important to cool your anger and think more with your head and less with your guts.


Illustration – Shutterstock | Edwin Godinho

Did you see the owl straightaway? This serene symbol of wisdom definitely fits you, as you often place yourself in isolation to think, meditate, and reflect on yourself.

While this brings great self-knowledge, you need to work on applying this in actions. The world needs your thoughtful perspective and you need to be engaged with the world.


Illustration – Shutterstock | Odua Images

Aww! You couldn’t help but see this adorable puppy. This shows that you are a loyal and protective person. You want to take care of people who are younger and more vulnerable.

This instinct is a wonderful asset to your personality, but you should also take a lesson from this little guy and remember to relax and be spontaneous. Enjoying yourself is one of the keys to happiness!


Illustration – Shutterstock | ehtesham

If you saw this beautiful and fierce animal, it’s almost certain that you’re a very strong-willed person. You are bold and forthright, and other people always know where they stand with you and can trust you as a result.

You accept nothing but the best from yourself and others, but this can sometimes cause problems. Being a perfectionist in an imperfect world might lead you to disappointment. Remember to cut yourself some slack!


Illustration – Shutterstock | Szczepan Klejbuk

If you’re like me, your eyes couldn’t help but go straight to the fearsome wolf in the center of the picture. His piercing eyes caught my attention, to be sure.

This means that you’re a strong person but also one that doesn’t easily open up or share your feelings with others, perhaps as a result of past heartbreak or fear of being misunderstood. You need to take a chance on others, because no one is an island, not even a wolf!

So, there you have it. Try looking again in 10 seconds and see how many of the animals you can spot before time’s up. The second and third animals you see will tell you something about your secondary traits!

And if you can see all of them in that time, then science tells us you’re probably incredibly creative and ingenious. Bravo!