The First Animal You See in This Picture Will Reveal Hidden Aspects of Your Personality

June 15, 2019 Updated: June 17, 2019

Whether you’re Team Nature or Team Nurture (or maybe a little of each), there’s no doubt that our personalities are radically informed by both our genes and our experiences. Early childhood experiences in particular are very responsible for shaping our world view.

We place our own subjective filter over the world around us, and we are predisposed toward sifting out the things that don’t match harmoniously with our beliefs, preferences, and opinions. As such, one of the nine animals in this picture will catch your eye more than the others; your choice will reveal significant truths about your personality type.

Inspired by a personality quiz from The Wild Child, we invite you to look at the picture above for a few seconds and decide which animal leaps out at you. What does it tell you about your fundamental personality?

1. The wolf

The wolf is a sentinel; a wise, revered spirit guide. Brave and intuitive, the wolf is the leader of the pack. If you saw the wolf, you live on the edge. You love adventure, you are not afraid of breaking the rules, and you are fiercely protective of your pack mates.

2. The butterfly

The butterfly represents transformation. At once paper-thin, gentle and delicate, this creature can also endure intense change and exercise great patience. If you saw the butterfly, your personality harnesses an irresistible outer charm and a formidable inner strength.

3. The dog

Irrepressibly optimistic, the dog stays loyal until the end. Able to take great pleasure from the simple things in life, the dog is affectionate, committed, and steadfast. If you chose the dog, you are a huge-hearted individual who truly knows how to have fun.

4. The dove

The dove is the messenger of peace. Graceful and pure, its delicacy belies an exceptional strength; these tiny birds are capable of radical, long-distance migrations. If you saw the dove, you are likely to be calm on the outside with a hidden inner resolve and a preference for smooth sailing.

5. The crab

The crab is a complex, mischievous master of disguise. But life isn’t easy, and crabs need their street smarts. If you noticed the crab, the chances are that you wear a tough exterior but are a huge, loveable softy on the inside.

6. The eagle

Regal, elegant, and precise, this bird carries itself with pride and prestige. If you spied the eagle above all others, then you leave nothing to chance. You are confident and don’t suffer fools gladly. Possibly, you are not afraid to take significant risks.

7. The rooster

The colorful rooster has a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. Exceptionally tenacious, the rooster can ignore petty problems but he’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to get where he wants to go. If you chose the rooster, you are a natural ringleader and a fearless combatant.

8. The horse

Space and freedom are paramount. The horse is a dignified creature with a wild, untameable spirit. If this imperial creature was the first you noticed, then others may occasionally have a hard time reigning you in. You are spirited and bohemian, but are always led by your heart.

9. The mantis

The mantis is precise and patient. This creature has no time for time-wasting; with her eyes on the prize, she will always outlast the competition. If you saw this beautiful green enigma above all others, then you have a strong will and a fierce reputation. You are likely to come out on top.

How did you fare? Was your personality synopsis on the money, or way out of left field? Quiz your friends!

Photo Credit:  Illustration – The Epoch Times