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The Fentanyl Crisis: Where It’s Coming From

Wuhan is more than the pandemic’s epicenter; it’s also the focus of another sinister problem—the fentanyl epidemic.

This synthetic opioid kills one American every eight and a half minutes. Officials say it’s just a few clicks away, and may be delivered to your doorstep without you even knowing it.

And a seemingly pro-Beijing man in Flushing has been handcuffed by New York police. The arrest comes after he wreaked havoc on street booths four times in the last week. The attacks involve a spiritual practice that faces persecution in China.

At-home virus test kits are sweeping the U.S. market, with clients ranging from the White House to state governments. One catch: millions of them are made in China.

Chinese firms are trying to raise money from U.S. investors, again. And a senior economics analyst says more Chinese companies may come looking for revenue in the future, if they find what they’re after.

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