The Best Blogging Sites You May Not Know About

February 19, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

It seems that just everyone these days has a blog, and those who don’t usually read at least a few written by others every day. In fact, it probably won’t be long before the non-bloggers are really into it. There are some pretty popular blogging websites, including WordPress and Squarespace, but there are others that many people don’t realize exist, and are some of the best platforms out there because they are more tailored to suit the needs of individual bloggers. Here are five of the lesser-known platforms that are worth checking out.


This is a list blogging platform that allows users to create and share lists about the things they are really interested in. It is fast and easy to create your own list, and there is no cost involved. These lists can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, and they can vote for their favorite items. You and your friends can discover all kinds of new things via this website, and share what you find.


This is a website that lets designers create blogs for large companies. It is expensive to use this site, and it is designed for advanced design professionals. Anyone who is looking for one of the best business blogging sites that is flexible and offers many tools for users, this is definitely worth taking a look at. Some of the companies that use this site include Sony, Cisco, and Apple, so obviously, this is a platform that really gives WordPress and other popular blog platforms some real competition.


Many people don’t care to use WordPress, but don’t realize that they have other open source CMS options. TextPattern may be the ideal solution for these people. The software lets users create, edit, and publish content easily. They can make their blogs look professional, and one doesn’t need to be a computer science degree holder in order to be able to use the website. This is the ideal blog site for those who have some skills and want to create everything in their blog, including the design, themselves.


If you want to write a business blog, but you don’t want to be bothered with design and other technical aspects, you may want to see what Compendium has to offer. This is a great site for business blogging, because it makes posting blogs so easy. Blog posts can even be emailed to the site. While Compendium doesn’t boast the heavy-hitting companies like ExpressionEngine has, it does have some pretty well-known users, including Dunn and Bradstreet. There are social promotional tools that make it easy for businesses to post blogs, and it can be really fun to use for those who are into the technology.


Some people want to blog, but they only want to do it for themselves. Writing can be very therapeutic, and often, very personal. Penzu is a great site for those who want to blog, but don’t want others to see what they have written. This is a site that was well liked when it was originally launched, then forgotten about by many. But, it is the ideal website for anyone who uses writing as a form of relaxation, stress release, and emotional healing. When people are writing from the heart, they often don’t want to share these feelings. This website is visually appealing and easy to use.