The Bachelor 2015: Chris Soules ‘Overwhelmed’ by Contestants, Chris Harrison Says

December 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Chris Soules was struck by how many contestants he had to choose from in the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

Soules resides in Arlington, Iowa, which has a population of 427.

“I never really thought about what a population of that size meant in terms of Chris’s prospects until I saw how he reacted on night one. He was like a kid in a candy store,” Bachelor host Chris Harrison told Yahoo.

“Chris was so overwhelmed and blown away by the women that it was endearing. At first, I thought he was giving me lip service and being nice, but I realized he’d never really dated women as beautiful as this.”

Harrison noted that one of the key plotlines in the season is women embracing or shying away from moving to the small town. 

“Ninety percent of the women who come on are fans and were really excited it was him. But saying you’d move to Arlington, Iowa to be a farmer’s wife is one thing; actually doing it is another,” Harrison said. “The further the women go and as the season moves along, that becomes more of an issue because pulling that trigger is no small decision for most of the women.”

Harrison also promised that the upcoming season, which premieres on January 6, will be one of the best because of Chris.

“He is one of the easiest Bachelors we’ve ever had because he’s a regular dude who was always so appreciative of the opportunity and is used to long hours and working hard as a farmer,” explained Harrison, who felt instant kinship with the Midwesterner.

“I know it sounds silly, but no one really anticipates just how mentally and emotionally taxing and unbelievably physically grueling it is to be the Bachelor. But Chris was always genuine and fun to be around, and that was contagious. His enthusiasm carried over to the women as well as the crew. He is very serious about finding someone to share his life with.”

Harrison [spoiler ahead] also noted that Chris would be willing to move to Chicago, which is where the reported winner is living.

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