Texas Police in Search of Intruder Who Attacked Elderly Mother

December 18, 2018 Updated: December 19, 2018

Saji Alummuttil left in a panic after receiving a call from his 83-year-old mother—a call he can only describe as sounding like a struggle. While on the other side of the call, Alummuttil could hear an intruder attacking his mother, trying to take away her cellphone.

It was around 6 a.m. when Suzy and John Alummuttil’s Fort Worth home in Texas was broken into as Suzy sat on her wheelchair and John, who had recently returned from hospice, laid in his bed. The black male calmly trespassed through the residence’s door, which was left unlocked as the couple awaited their hospice nurse.

Intruder on Camera

The Alummuttils were able to provide footage of the suspect breaking into the home to the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD). It was then uploaded to Twitter by FWPD, who is asking the community to help with any information about the suspect that they might have.

After the suspect entered the home, Suzy confronted him and attempted to call 911 and her son for help. John could do nothing but watch in his condition.

Although the suspect wasn’t able to take the cellphone away from Suzy, he ultimately knocked her off her wheelchair during the altercation. The suspect didn’t steal anything inside the home but during his get-a-way, he grabbed Saji’s Chevrolet keys and left in the pickup truck.

Coincidentally, the incident took place only two days after Saji installed a camera in the home in order to keep an eye on his parents.

Father’s Last Memories

Saji’s parents were both unharmed but John, Saji’s father, passed away the day after the home invasion. The WFPD said they don’t think the incident had anything to do with his death.

“The break-in is also one of his last memories, assuming that he was not really cognizant,” said Saji. “We had a hard week last week.”

Detectives are currently exploring all possible leads on their search for the intruder.

CNN Wire contributed to this report.

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