Flynn: ‘Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under’

Miguel Moreno

In an interview with American Thought Leaders, General Michael Flynn gives his harrowing account of the last four years. NTD’s Miguel Moreno brings us more from Flynn, who says the American people saved him after he was targeted by the federal government.

Retired General Michael Flynn was caught in the middle of a political saga that ended with a pardon by President Trump.

Flynn said in an interview with American Thought Leaders that he was the target of corruption in the executive branch.

“The American people and have been buddy breathing with me for four years. Another way to describe it was, the deep state buried me six feet under the ground, wanted me to die, and somehow a straw was allowed to be stuck up to the air. And I laid down there for four years, breathing through that straw.”

Flynn was questioned by the FBI about calls he had with a former Russian ambassador to the U.S. Flynn later plead guilty to lying to the bureau.

But, he eventually withdrew his plea and the Department of Justice, under the Trump Administration, found that the FBI had no good reason to question him about his calls.

It was soon revealed that the FBI discussed getting him to lie to either prosecute him or get him fired.

Flynn says he believes he was targeted for his views. For instance, he made waves when he testified at a congressional hearing about then-President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

“Well, if you go back and look at my testimony, just look at the opening statement. They’re sort of like, when they put Mike Flynn up on the chalkboard and they start writing down all the things that they don’t like about him. That’s probably check number one. Because that was the single foreign policy initiative, disastrous initiative, that the Obama Administration took on with the number one state sponsor of terrorism.”

Flynn says he’s returned to the surface after years of buddy breathing.

And, now, he says he’s a good swimmer.

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