Testimonials From People Who Benefited From The Epoch Times (Part 4)

May 11, 2020 Updated: May 11, 2020

Positive Content

Did you know that The Epoch Times is built around traditional values? Are you aware that we unapologetically believe in the Founders’ vision of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in a constitutional republic? At our newspaper, such things as truth, honesty, compassion, and living better and fuller lives are very important. This vision permeates everything we offer in our paper—starting with the news.

Life & Tradition” is a section totally devoted to making your life more fulfilling.

Mind & Body” helps you stay healthy physically and mentally—important in these days of living under a pandemic. Be sure and check out our features on education, travel, the arts, and so much more.

We always appreciate feedback from our Epoch VIPs.

Here are some testimonials:

“Finally, an extraordinary and sophisticated condensed world newspaper, The Epoch Times, with both integrity and vital to-the-point information, including articles on organic food, wellness, wisdom, and the arts. Hats off!” – K. Okwo

“I love reading The Epoch Times! I always feel encouraged and hopeful about our future.” – Christine Cartwright

“I feel this paper is the most outstanding example of true journalism, giving me the facts and leaving it up to me to form my opinion. But beyond politics and news of the day, they also have excellent articles on health and wellness, entertainment, etc.” – Drue Lawlor

“I love the unbiased news in The Epoch Times that you can’t find in the traditional news sources!” – Cory Alvarado

“I LOVE The Epoch Times… The daily e papers are very informative and I LOVE the weekend paper sent to my house. I LOVE all the sections of the paper… my wife loves it also. We share conversations about different articles. The Opinion section, Mind and Body, Life and Tradition…all FANTASTIC. I have learned so much and I feel almost Refreshed after reading the paper vs the negative, demeaning, biased local paper. The Epoch Times is uplifting and positive. Just helpful articles about living a better, healthier, happier life. Who doesn’t want that?” – Bill Irons

“Great newspaper. The supplements are geared toward helping a person, couple or family find their best self through mind, body and spirit without selling a product.” – Sheila Baker

“I love the Epoch Times. The stories are relevant, and honestly presented in a balanced and well-written way. I especially like the Mind/Body and Opinion sections. We look forward to getting the Epoch Times in the mail (we are old school!). I also like the new digital format and getting the headlines in my email. Fabulous paper! I have told all my thoughtful friends who are looking for intelligent and honest reporting about ET.” – Marilynn Jacobs

It sounds strange to say but the news can be more than just the news. Our motto of “Truth and Tradition” helps us focus on what’s really important in life as we work to inform you, entertain you, and make your life better.