Testimonials From People Who Benefited From The Epoch Times (Part 3)

Testimonials From People Who Benefited From The Epoch Times (Part 3)
The Epoch Times newspaper. (Epoch Times staff)

Not Your Average Newspaper

There’s an old saying: “Consider the source.” That’s always good advice. The Epoch Times works hard to make sure that when we’re the source, you can count on our reporting to be truthful, complete, and accurate. For that, we’ve been bitterly attacked. Who attacked us? Consider the source.
NBC News and its sister network MSNBC have bitterly attacked The Epoch Times, causing Facebook to ban our advertising. We’ve also been badly mischaracterized by the New York Times. In fact, if NBC News and the New York Times adhered to our standards of honest journalism, they would have known better. But they don’t. That’s what makes us different.

Our Epoch VIPs understand that our newspaper is not your average American newspaper, nor is it anything like cable news.

Here are some testimonials:

“The Epoch Times is professionally produced capturing timely subject matter of concern to people of all backgrounds and cultures. Of greatest value to me is content about lifestyle and the arts written with flair and style. Its focus on truth and tradition is also of value to a general reader like me interested in world affairs.” - Cyril Dabydeen

“In these dark times, The Epoch Times is one of the few lanterns to illuminate the darkness.” - Alexander Machado

“Best newspaper for me ever! Stopped all other subscriptions. ” - Harold Torrens

“I had given up on finding news that was not bent, twisted, or skewed to some horrifying political end. Then I found the Epoch Times. In the Epoch Times I get the international coverage and the honest news that I need to make informed decisions. The puzzle section is a source of hours of entertainment for me, and the kids' section is always an educational and enjoyable experience for my children. As a pastor, the Mind & Body, and Life and Tradition sections provide endless comfort and encouragement to me. Articles on important life lessons like forgiveness, grace, and honesty remind me that we are not alone in sharing our positive values and encourage me to live in keeping with those high, God-given ideals. Additionally, in my years of reading papers, I have never read a paper that has such high artistic standards and such a positive ability to enrich my life with thoughtful explorations of great works of art, music, theater, and literature. There is no paper doing what the Epoch Times is doing, and the world needs it ... I dare say ever person needs it.” - Bradley Maston

“At last, a newspaper of the highest level of journalism!” - Rhonda Marsh

You’ll excuse us if we say that we prefer NOT to be just like every other newspaper or TV network. We’re The Epoch Times. We’re different because our values are different and our standards are high. And if people notice that we’re different, that’s a very good thing.

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