Terrified Bonded Pit Bulls Were Abandoned Together, Find Forever Home and Thrive

March 23, 2020 Updated: March 23, 2020

When Bridget and Louie, two abused and abandoned pit bulls, were dropped off without any explanation at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, in January 2016, they were so traumatized by their experience that all they could do was huddle together for safety.

Their fur was infested with painful mange, and the younger of the two, Louie was found with a twisted wire collar that dug into his neck. However, the sight of these two inseparable dogs cowering in fear caught the attention of foster parents Tyler and Kasey Lucas, who managed to get them out of the shelter.

In a video posted by The Dodo, Kasey shared, “They needed to learn what love felt like. I wanted to be the one to teach them.”

4 years ago and they are doing fantastic! Please visit the The Adventures of Bridget and Louie to see their fantastic new lives. #fosteringisthebest #greatadopterKasey Lucas

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When Bridget and Louie were first rescued by their foster parents, things looked pretty bleak. Kasey shared with friends and animal lovers that the first visit to the vet revealed the full extent of the abusive situation the dogs had been living in.

Posting a picture of Bridget, Kasey wrote on Facebook, “The vet says she has ground her teeth down as far as they can possibly go into her gums and that this degree of grinding could only have happened by some kind of metal.” While the circumstances that led to this weren’t known, she further added, “We are guessing her whole life she has tried to chew through her chains.”

However, just staying in a safe home was already making a huge difference for the pair. “These dogs have had the chance to actually be dogs,” Kasey told Pets News.

But the fact that remained was “they had more trust in each other than they did for anyone else,” she told The Dodo. Louie would still hide behind Bridget, while the latter felt it was her responsibility to protect him.

Day 14 – Two weeks later and we have officially learned "sit"! Anything for treats!

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Not long after, the foster parents started a Facebook page called “The Adventures of Bridget and Louie,” and chronicled the tale of these two dogs. According to a post on their Facebook page, Bridget was seen curling up comfortably on a couch.

Kasey wrote, “When we got to our new humans house, we learned what a couch was! And Bridget fell in love. She hasn’t left this couch yet! She was finally content and could sleep.”

The dogs weren’t used to a home, so the foster parents trained them how to sit and crate trained them until they learned how to stay in a house.

However, the real difference came in when the fearful dogs first met the rest of Lucas’s other dogs. “They were more excited meeting our dogs than meeting us,” Kasey explained in the video for The Dodo, adding that this was probably the result of complete neglect in their former life.

Having helped the dogs recover, the foster family was in no hurry to give them away. They wanted to make sure that Bridget and Louie found a new home where they could be together. “We are focused on making sure they are ready to succeed in a permanent home, rather than quickly find someone to just take them,” Kasey told Pets News. “They deserve to feel love, a warm home, and to be all-around wanted.”

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Then a dog lover named Monica Bahr, from San Diego, California, who had been following their progress online, contacted Kasey. Monica, who had lost her elderly pit bull at that time, told Bark Post, “I was devastated and felt I needed at least a 6 month break before I adopted again. But I kept seeing Kasey’s posts about Bridget and Louie and one day, just sent her a Facebook message.”

“I filled out the application and the rest is history. She and Tyler drove Bridge and Louie out to me on June 4 [2016],” she further added.

While it was “bittersweet” to let them go, the Lucases felt that “this is where they were meant to be, where they would always be loved and cared for, where they would be happy,” according to The Dodo.

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Now, four years later, Bridget and Louie seem happy in their forever home, and Monica continues to chronicle their life, updating fans on their Facebook page.

Today is B & L’s 2-year adoptiversary. I can’t imagine life without these two little monsters.

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