Terminator 5: Genesis: Little Info About Film as Schwarzenegger Filmed Smoking Cigar

There’s been little news about “Terminator 5: Genesis” in recent days, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was photographed on set for the film.

He was seen smoking a cigar in New Orleans earlier this month, according to The Express.

Early reports say he’ll be again doing the role of The Terminator/ T-800 Model 101 in the film.

Filming started at the end of April.

“Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith of “Doctor Who” will also appear in the movie.

Schwarzenegger gave an interview about reprising the iconic role.

“It will be challenging because it will be a new director, and it will be a really action packed movie,” Schwarzengger said, reported MTV. “And sometimes it does get more difficult when you’re 66 years old and doing this kind of action, versus when you’re in your 30s or in your 40s.”

“The way that the character is written, it’s a machine underneath,” Schwarzenegger added. “It’s this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator’s flesh ages, just like any other human being’s flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages.”

He added: “Terminator deals a lot with time travel, so there will be a younger T-800 and then what that model does later on when it gets reprogrammed, and who gets ahold of him. So it will be all kinds of interesting twists in the movie, but I feel so good.”