Ten Facts About ‘The Matrix’ You Never Knew

April 25, 2018 Updated: April 26, 2018

“The Matrix” has brought us some of the greatest moments in cinematic history. The making of any great moments always involves details that can enable you to appreciate the significance of the final product.

Morpheus, played by Lawrence Fishburne, is a spiritual leader who believes in the prophecy of The One who will save Zion from its destruction. One day, Morpheus offers Thomas A. Anderson, the main protagonist, a choice.

The red pill – a symbol of knowledge, freedom and the truth of reality, or the blue pill – a symbol of security, happiness and the bliss of ignorance.

This scene in “The Matrix” parallels the story of the Greek God, Morpheus, who chose to enter the gate of horns which gave mankind true dreams while his brothers entered the gate of ivory that gave mankind false dreams.

The drug morphine, used to relieve patients of severe pain, was also named after the Greek God Morpheus.